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Google’s View of Paid Backlinks

As Google continues back as one of their most prestigious ranking factors indicate links in their search results , too many in – have experienced webmaster, take the chance to back decided with paid links.

Today we see many companies actually buying back links from link farms or other questionable sources provides instant backlinks for a monthly fee. The only problem is , Google will penalize you with paid backlinks. How are they able to find out if you do, so you might ask?

Here are some of the ways that Google use to determine whether you have paid links to your site :

First Other websites are transmitted via the Internet, which called spam reports

Why is this done ? Google has pointed out on their website that they other webmasters to inform them about sites who appreciate the benefits of paid links .

Second From over 28,000 employees , Google assigns many of them actually to sites that try to detect manipulate search engine results with paid back links .

3rd Google has to actually determine the possibility of whether a site uses paid backlinks.

Once they notice that certain websites are using paid links , they will no doubt change in the future their algorithm so that it is easy to determine when a website tries to manipulate search engine results .

Here’s what Google has to say in terms of paid links , ” Google is working hard to ensure that they fully discounts links to manipulate the search engine results, such as excessive link exchanges and purchased links that pass Page Rank If you have a site , the purchase or see . selling links that pass page rank , please let us know. We will use your information to improve our algorithmic detection of such links . ”

As most experienced webmasters to realize it takes a lot of time and effort to have a successful link building program. Google knows this and is likely to rank your site higher if you are not the kind of tactics . Backlink tools have , however, exist that can help you get the link building process to speed up , so that you as efficiently and quickly as possible to get good quality backlinks. Some link building programs are available on Google’s algorithm to play and that’s exactly why punish them your website should they learn that your website is involved in this type of practice. Since the time to be exploited to SEO search engine ranking of your website are to improve, not to cheat the system . Whatever you do , stay completely out of automatic link building programs . You will not regret it .